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Thousands of products are manufactured in plastic, because it is an extremely versatile material that can be molded into any forms. Plastic Recycling has become a huge industry to save our dwindling resources, and because of environmental issues like pollution and global warming. There are many different types of plastic that come from the plastic manufacturing processes, from LDPE film scrap (low density polyethylene) to HDPE scrap. These off-cuts in LDPE film scrap can be reclaimed and recycled for reuse by expert companies like Polychem USA. We lead the way when it comes to managing scrap plastic for manufacturing companies all over the world, handling many types of plastics reclaiming, including the supply of the newest purging materials.

Products like plastic bags, bottles and work surfaces are some examples where LDPE plastic is used, and the resultant off-cuts in LDPE film scrap made by machines from cutting ends on the tops and bottoms of molds can be grinded down and melted again in a continuous process. It is far more cost effective to get your LDPE film scrap managed by an outsourced company, and you will be delighted at dealing with the best in the business when you choose us. You can read about the services we offer for handling any quantities of LDPE film scrap, or any types of plastic that are used to make your products. We have provided an easy form to complete so that you can let us know what sort of plastic scrap you would like us to handle for you at branches all over the world.

Plastic is made from petrochemical products, which are already extremely expensive so recycling will definitely be a sensible way to reduce overheads on material. If you are a plastic company that generates LDPE film scrap from any processes in the form of reject products or the off-cuts, and even contaminated plastic, Polychem USA can help you with a practical, low cost solution. You can see the long list of different types of plastic we handle, and besides recycling LDPE film scrap into new, reusable material, you an also buy back material from us at great prices. We have a fabulous solution in state-of-the-art purge material for color changes you may be interested in as well, and you can read more about this at the link provided.

Injection molding and blow form molding plastic manufacturers will find that we are extremely efficient in services, and you can join numerous, satisfied clients that use us to reclaim LDPE film scrap plastics. You can schedule an appointment with an expert consultant from Polychem USA to come and assess all your requirements for handling plastic scrap, and we can cater for any quantities of LDPE film scrap with ease. We have designed our website to show you what our capabilities are in this industry, also providing you with an easy contact solution. Browse all the links provided, and we look forward to being of service, no matter what sized company you are that deals in plastics of any sort.

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