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Polychem USA are a leading international plastic scrap buyer, already serving numerous plastic manufacturers worldwide with an efficient recycling service which streamlines manufacturing processes cost effectively. With high levels of pollution causing a major threat to our environment, as well as the worlds dwindling natural resources, the process of recycling has become very important. Many materials are already recycled effectively like paper, glass, metals and plastic for some examples. Plastic is a material that can easily be recycled, and manufacturers as well as the community can get money back from the best in plastic scrap buyer companies that pay top dollar for plastic scrap film and used plastic disposed products.

We are a plastic scrap buyer with capabilities to handle extensive scrap plastic quantities generated from any blow forming or injection molding product manufacturing process. There are always extensive off cuts, and rejects during setting of machines, and while colors are being created. Polychem USA are even pleased to offer state of the art barrel screw purging material, as well as our Techmaster color compounds that will also interest manufacturers. You can also make comparisons at other plastic scrap buyer companies to see what you will get in rates, but we know you will choose us, because we offer great prices for all qualities of plastic scrap. With thousands of different plastic products being produced every day, it is vital that manufacturers partner with an expert plastic recycling company like us, offering our clients top level results driven customer services.

We have designed our website to show our clients what our capabilities and services are as a plastic scrap buyer, and also what products we offer to help reduce overheads in your manufacturing processes. Besides the most common plastics like HDPE and LDPE, we can also recycle any other types of hardened plastics using the latest equipment, and machines. Our professional consultants can analyze your processes of production, and you will be amazed at the practical solutions they can provide that can help you make them even more efficient. As a plastic scrap buyer, you can also contact us to learn what we pay for the different types of plastic scrap film, so that you can make comparisons with other competitors.

Raw plastic materials are manufactured from petroleum by products, and for this reason they are becoming extremely expensive as oil prices escalate. Using the services of a plastic scrap buyer will save you money on raw material overheads, and you will be doing something positive for the environment by reducing pollution. We have over 60 years experience as a plastic scrap buyer serving all states in America, as well as international clients with our recycling services, and product supply. As we are growing, we are also able to offer some dynamic careers in this industry which will interests job seekers with the right credentials. Polychem USA are a one stop solution for all plastic recycling requirements, and we look forward to hearing from you today.

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