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Polychem USA is a company that specializes in the recycling of many different types of plastics, like LDPE and HDPE, polypropylene, and many other types of other plastics used to manufacture the thousands of different types of plastic products you get today. Our company has been involved in this industry for over 60 years now, servicing both local and international clients, for management of plastic scrap. We pay the best prices for your plastic scrap film in any quantity, and quality, making us a cost saving solution in overheads when it comes to making plastic raw material go a lot further. We also supply the industry with plastic raw materials, from purging materials to coloring, for all plastic processes.

There are hundreds of blow molding and injection molding manufacturers all over the United States that produce a variety of different plastic products, from car parts to enclosures for machines and equipment, from plastic bottles, to plastic packaging. Plastic products contribute high levels of pollution, and plastic recycling drives have been implemented to educate consumers on the importance of recycling plastic scrap. During blow molding and injection molding processes, there are also extensive rejects and off cuts in plastic scrap, which can be recycled efficiently, thus saving manufacturing companies on raw material overheads.

If you are in the plastic manufacturing business, and need to recycle your plastic scrap film of any type, then you can rest assured Polychem USA will be able to take care of your needs with expert solutions. Our team of professionals has many years experience, using our state of the art recycling equipment, which can handle any quantities of plastic scrap film to make it re-usable in manufacturing processes. In some states, a recycling certificate is now required, because it is illegal to dump plastic scrap into landfills where certain plastics are extremely slow to biodegrade. We buy plastic scrap and process it back into raw material pellets in different qualities for manufacturing requirements.

Raw plastic material pellets are produced from petroleum by products, and this makes plastic very expensive. Different color compounds are used for coloring and chemicals added for plastic hardening, depending on the products being manufactured. The plastic scrap can be grinded down by special machines, and reused in a closed loop system thus making the process far more efficient. Our experts can analyze your operation to give you expert advice on how this can be done effectively. To begin with, rest assured that Polychem USA pay the highest prices for plastic scrap, and the money can be used to buy new raw material as well, so you save on overheads in your manufacturing plants.

Plastic is so popular to make different products because it is a very versatile material that can be form molded into any shape by using special molds. Many plastic packaging is produced because it is great for protection and preservation of food and beverages. If you manufacture these products, or any others, let us show you how to turn plastic scrap into new resources for your manufacturing company, like we have done for numerous other clients, and join many of them that have built up long term relationships with us.

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