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Poly Carbonate Recycling Makes Sense—and Dollars!

Easy to work with, easy to form, polycarbonate plastics are the go-to material of countless industries. The possibilities begin with thermoforming, a process in which plastic sheets are heated to the point of optimal flexibility, molded into specific shapes, polished, and cut to size to produce useful goods. This in turn enhances the supply status of polycarbonate scrap.

Clear as glass yet 250 times tougher and 50 percent lighter, polycarbonate plastic outperforms acrylic, which has only a thirtieth of its resistance to impact. No wonder polycarbonate plastics turn up in everything from windows to walkways, security equipment to gift boxes. In fact, polycarbonate recycling supports the manufacture of an amazing array of products:

  • Among them are components used in electrical devices, data storage, automotive and aircraft manufacturing, mobile phones, and medical equipment and containers.
  • Polycarbonates are also the ideal purging plastic, since they are strong yet nonabrasive, a winning combination for cleaning up resins safely yet powerfully.

If you have poly carbonate scrap available for recycling, contact us at Polychem USA. The more scrap material you recycle, the more revenue you can reinvest back into your business.

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